How I allocate my time?

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Allocating time efficiently and effectively is a challenge that we all face in our professional lives. There are always competing priorities that demand our attention, and it can be tough to balance them all. In this article, I wanted to share with you how I allocate my time at work across four main areas, namely Customers, Partners, People, and Product.

Firstly, customers are the cornerstone of any business. It’s essential to understand who our customers are and what they want. This is why I spend a significant amount of time engaging with customers, getting their feedback, and ensuring that we are building the right product or service for them. By building a strong relationship with our customers, we can create a product that meets their needs and ultimately leads to their satisfaction.

Secondly, partners play a vital role in any business. In bigger companies, it’s often impossible to build everything on your own. That’s where partners come in – they provide the expertise and resources we need to build and deliver our product. I spend time engaging with our partners, building strong relationships, and ensuring that we have the right partners on board to help us achieve our goals.

Thirdly, people are the heart of any organization. They are the ones who get things done, and managing your team and spending time with them is one of the most important things you can do. As a leader, I place great emphasis on investing my time in my team, building strong relationships, and helping them grow in their careers. I believe that the success of any company is directly proportional to the happiness and productivity of its employees.

Finally, the product is what we’re all here for. It’s what our customers want and need, so it’s important to spend time refining and executing on our product vision. I spend time determining the Why, What, How, When, and Who of our product, ensuring that it aligns with our business objectives and meets our customers’ needs.

The actual time allocation depends on the needs of the team, product, and the company. Various allocations go up and down, but as a leader, I have always had a significant allocation of time for people. I believe that people are the key to success, and investing time in them pays off in the long run.

In addition to the practices mentioned above, I like to spend some time at the end of each week reviewing how I actually spent my time each week and seeing how I can improve it. I also color code the meetings and tasks on my calendar. This helps me identify areas where I might be neglecting or over-prioritizing certain tasks. By doing this, I can make adjustments to my schedule and ensure that I’m allocating my time effectively.

I hope this gives you some insight into how I manage my priorities. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards, Aakash

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