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Intentional Living

The pursuit of a fulfilling life begins with intentionally focusing on good health, financial stability, and happiness.

Aakash Mandhar

Aakash is a technology executive, experienced engineer, and avid gamer with a passion for solving complex problems and delivering results. He is also a content creator, educator, investor, and lifelong learner.

On this site, we explore a wide range of topics, including personal development, entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. We provide practical advice, tools, and resources to help you achieve your goals, reach your full potential, and live a fulfilling life.

Tech Exec

Aakash has built high scale online services and teams to power them from scratch. Technology he has built scales to support millions of simultaneous users and has powered gaming franchises including Apex Legends, Halo and FIFA.

Content Creator

Aakash has been creating content since 2007 and has thousands of followers across various social media platforms.


Aakash is an active angel investor in 10+ companies and loves to spend time with entrepreneurs mentoring them.

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