Don’t squander your talent

Hello Friends,

I have an unpopular opinion to share with you. The corporate world might not be the best fit for you, especially if you are a high performer.

I don’t want to encourage a victim mentality, but it’s true that most corporate environments are designed for the masses. They have regimented processes and expect employees to be compliant, quiet, and follow orders without making waves. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s not designed for exceptional individuals like you.

You are the ones who want to make a difference, care about your work, and see it as an extension of your expression. And because of that, you might face some challenges. However, it’s important to remember that there’s a thin line between being exceptional and overconfident, or even delusional. It’s always good to seek both internal and external validation to determine where you truly stand.

That’s why startups tend to succeed – they bring together capable, willing, and defiant individuals who don’t say, “this is not my job.” Therefore, if you’re a high performer, I urge you to search for organizations whose culture nurtures your kind. Be uncompromising in your search and don’t settle for less. There might not be many such organizations out there, but they do exist.

Above all, never give up on who you are. Don’t let the world change what’s good in you. Don’t lose yourself in a place that doesn’t appreciate you for who you are. Keep striving to realize your full potential!

♥️ My Favorite Things

📚 Book – Gin Soaked Boy. This book explores anxiety and depression through the story of Raj, a prodigy whose life spirals into alcoholism due to these issues. His friends attempt to save him from the destructive path he is on.

💻 Website – I finally got around to setting up my website using WordPress. I had put it off for too long, but now it’s up and running.

📺 VideoForgotten History of Gypsy. While watching a Flamenco show in Barcelona this week, I became curious about the origins of Gypsies. I knew they originated from India, but I found this video which goes into a lot more detail.

🎬 My New Videos

🏃🏽‍♂️ [Hindi] Success ka secret motivation nahi hai – Success comes not from motivation, but from discipline. If we only did what needed to be done when we felt like it or were motivated, society would not succeed.

🏏 [Hindi] MS Dhoni ka sahi decision – If you make the best possible decision based on all available data at a given point in time, you should not regret that decision even if the outcome is unfavorable. We explore this concept through the story of the decision made by MS Dhoni in India’s T20 Cricket World Cup win in 2007.

⚖️ [Hindi] AI aur Law – While AI can make you super productive, it does not absolve you of your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all the work being created. We explore this through the story of a lawyer who got into trouble for submitting case research with incorrect cases that were created using ChatGPT.